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Inverted Table Inversion Therapy Welcome to your Inversion Therapy headquarters! Here at Inverted Tables we help you to get rid of those annoying back aches and back pains. There is nothing better than feeling pain free, relaxed, being able to sleep comfortably and be active physically without any back discomfort.

Browse our site to find a full range of reviews on all the latest Inversion Therapy gear from inverted tables, gravity boots, teeter hang-ups and other inversion table accessories you will need to relieve back pain. We are constantly adding new reviews so make sure to come back often to see what is new in the world of Inversion Tables and Inversion Therapy Accessories. Relieve lower back and sciatica pain, improve posture, and revolutionize your health!

Our Latest Inversion Table Reviews

Body Inversion Table, Teeter Hang up 1 Set

Body Inversion Table, Teeter Hang up 1 SetThe EP-560 Ltd. is the most popular model from the Teeter Hang Ups ComforTrak Series and upgraded to include optional accessories to modify your inversion experience for whatever stretch your body is craving. Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing shiatsu-style massage, or needing to focus traction on your lower back, the EP-560 Ltd.... Read More »

Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots, one pair

B1-1001 Features: -Dual, Self-Locking Buckles ratchet the boots securely around the ankle/lower calf area for a customizable, comfortable fit. -Super-Soft 5/8″ Foam Liners are a special blend to give maximum comfort with minimum compression. -Optional Calf Loops wrap behind each leg to place a 2 degree bend in the knees, which helps to reduce the... Read More »

Teeter Hang Ups “Better Back” Adjustable Acupressure Nodes, Red/Orange/Yellow/Green

Teeter Hang Ups “Better Back” Adjustable Acupressure Nodes, Red/Orange/Yellow/GreenTeeter Hang Ups Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes are designed for use with the ComforTrak and Flex Technology Bed, a signature feature of Teeter’s newest Contour and EP-Series Inversion Tables. Tension tends to concentrate around the acupressure points along the meridians of your body. The Adjustable Acupressure Nodes are an optional accessory designed to place... Read More »

Teeter Better Back Inversion Program Mat

Teeter Better Back Inversion Program MatAbout Teeter Hang Ups Teeter Hang Ups is the longest supplier of inversion products on the market today. Family owned since 1981, Roger Teeter’s passion for quality and best value has inspired over 2 million people to put their trust in Teeter Hang Ups. Teeter specializes in decompression products with inversion tables as the primary... Read More »

Teeter Hang Ups Lumbar Bridge

Teeter Hang Ups Lumbar BridgeThe Teeter Hang Ups Lumbar Bridge is designed for use with the ComforTrak bed, a signature feature of our EP-60-series inversion tables. Position the bridge in the small of your back to provide a point of support, focusing extra traction on the lower back. The overall benefit is deeper decompression and improved alignment... Read More »

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy TableInversion Therapy counteracts the forces of gravity on the body (particularly the back) by decompressing and elongating the spine. This relieves pressure on your spinal cord’s ligaments and nerve roots. In essence, Inversion Therapy reverses the negative effects of gravity. Using the Body Champ Inversion Table for just 10 minutes a day will allow you... Read More »

Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots

Body Solid GIB2 Inversion BootsInversion Boots. Do you sometimes feel pounded, beaten and jarred? Inversion boots allow you to recover quickly from compression fatigue caused by jogging, aerobic training, stepping, bicycling and weight training. Inversion boots counteract the downward pull of gravity. Hanging in the inverted position brings instant relief to many forms of back pain and spasms associated... Read More »

Body-Solid Inversion Table

Body-Solid Inversion TableA strong, stable base supports a comfortably padded nylon backboard. The BFINVER10 features a spring-loaded safety strap to ensure stability during inversion. A graduated scale on the extension bar allows simple, fast adjustments to accommodate users up to 6 ft, 6 inches tall. For additional comfort, adjustable ankle cuffs provide a custom fit that cannot... Read More »

Body Solid Inversion Boots

Body Solid Inversion BootsFeatures: 1) Versatility – Perform a Wide Variety of Exercises 2) Provide Back Relief & Chiropractic Support 3) Complete w/Solid Steel Frame & Safety -Locking Mechanism 4) Thick, Comfortable Foam to Protect Your Legs & Ankles Specification: 1.Material: High Qulity Soft eva Foam Pad + adamantine metal plates 2. Color: Black 3. Size: One standard... Read More »