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Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion

Revive and energize tired, sore muscles with the Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion with Infrared Neck Arch Support. The powerful vibration motors in the cushion combine with the therapeutic benefits of Infrared heating technology in the neck arch support to help soothe muscle aches and stimulate surface circulation. Studies have shown that the use of pulse and vibration technology can benefit the body by temporarily reducing muscle pain, improving blood circulation and encouraging relaxation. In combination with inversion, the vibration cushion is an effective way to relieve stress and tension while decompressing.

With the arch support placed under the curve of the neck, the infrared heaters are positioned to target the upper back and shoulder area. Though not warm to the touch, 93 percent of the energy generated by the infrared rays is absorbed into the body for a deep heat that provides additional relaxation and circulatory benefits.

Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion Overview   Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion

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Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion Features:

– 10 vibration massage motors with variable intensity temporarily improve circulation and help relieve tired and aching muscles
– Remote control with LCD allows you to select target zone, speed, intensity, and optional heat with the touch of a button
– Supports the neck in a gentle arch to restore curvature and to achieve greater decompression of this area while inverted
– 2 infrared heaters embedded in the neck arch support; positioned to target the upper back and shoulder area to deliver warming, deep heat
– User-friendly; easily attaches to inversion table with convenient Velcro straps
– Convenient storage pouch attaches to the frame of your inversion table for easy access to the remote control
– Durable material is made of microfiber material, polyfoam and metal/plastic components
– Easy to clean; wipe with cloth to clean


Teeter Hang Ups Customer Reviews

From Utility to Luxury
By Kerri Elders

“Great addition to an inversion table; the cushion is soft and comfortable and fits the Teeter EP series like a glove. Easy to install, stays in place with elasticized Velcro straps that are well positioned to stay “anchored” to the inversion table, even while completely inverted.

The attached remote control is bright and clear and easy to read with a variety of programmed settings for massage (Wave, Tapping, Up and Down, Random Motors, All Motors). With the “All Motors” selection, you can lock in your favorite level of both intensity and speed of massage.

Heat is optional, controlled through the remote, which also has a timer function, so the vibration can be set at various 10 minute increments, which makes it unnecessary to watch the clock–just relax and enjoy!

Personally, I’m not crazy about the built-in infrared heat pods on the neck rest–I find them a little uncomfortable on my shoulders, but this is a very minor annoyance; once inverted, it’s not an issue–just a slight annoyance when lying flat, preparing to invert. This does not bother my husband at all.

The vibration cushion takes the inversion table up another level–as relaxing and invigorating as inversion itself is, this vibration cushion really adds an extra dimension of relief, especially for those (like my husband) experiencing back pain–this provides intense relief for him, in 10 minutes at just a 45 degree inversion. It’s been a great investment for our health and well-being; highly recommended!”

I Love My Teeter
By S. Harlow

“My brother in law bought a less expensive brand of inversion table he told me I should try it that it works for him. I did allot of research before deciding which inversion table I would buy. I bought the Teeter EP 550 Sport because it is medical grade, has a 5 yr warranty, is Very Stable easy to use, and comes with the gravity boots they make the inversion much more comfortable on your feet and ankles.The very first time I used my Teeter I GOT RELIEF FROM BACK PAIN!!!My husbands first use at bedtime, we heard an immediate popping noise and he went to bed waking with no pain! I find that regular use keeps me from having pain, gives me more flexibility, It has even helped my knees (which I blew out lifting weights, and had surgery). I bought the vibrating mat W/infrared heat to help relax muscles before fully inverting. The mat takes a few min to relax my muscles, because it’s vibration is not very strong, comared to a massage chair (But it’s only a fraction of the cost too)The vibrating mat & heat does help if I lay horizontaly for a few min. relax then invert. I Love My Teeter it’s quality, stability, ease of operation, warranty, and the fact that IT WORKS! I am happy with the purchase. The cost of the Teeter is a bit more than others but well worth it! Buy the boots also you will be glad you did! Thank You Teeter hang ups!!! Goodbye back pain, Goodbye Chiropractors!!!”


This is a sweet unit to alleviate muscle pain. Invert in comfort with all the bells and whistles.

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